Archival News

I am the editor of Cinema Journal’s online column “Archival News.”  If you work for an archive (or are an archive enthusiast) and have an interesting project or piece of news to share, please contact me.

Most recent edition available here.

1 (1)


Archival News 55:2 (Winter 2016)     Archival News 55:1 (Fall 2015)           Archival News 54:4 (Summer 2015) Archival News 54:3 (Spring 2015)
Archival News 54:2 (Winter 2015)
Archival News 54:1 (Fall 2014)
Archival News 53:4 (Summer 2014)
Archival News 53:3 (Spring 2014)
Archival News 53:2 (Winter 2014)
Archival News 53:1 (Fall 2013)
Archival News 52:4 (Summer 2013)


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