Photo_on_29-09-2014_at_13.26_4My name is Katherine Groo. I received my Ph.D. in Comparative Literature with a concentration in Film and Video Studies from Cornell University in June 2009. My areas of specialization include early and silent-era cinemas, with an emphasis on French, American, and Dutch film; visual ethnography; new media and digital culture; experimental and “minor” film practices; orphan, handmade, and recycled cinemas; contemporary archival ecologies; and media archaeology and historiography.

An archivist at the Filmmuseum in Amsterdam used the term “half/films” to describe the scraps of cinema I selected from the shelves (and inadvertently forced him to watch). Half/films inhabit the vast margins of the archives: untitled, unauthored, seemingly infinite in number, and unrestored even in their digital afterlives. I am not interested in saving half/films from the trash heap. Rather, I take half/films as a way of rethinking film objects and their histories. I use this space to draft new work and share ideas. Please feel free to share suggestions, comments, critique.


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  1. Hello Katherine

    I’m interested in your theories of film ethnography.
    I run an online community for filmmakers in the North East of Scotland, called I Am Do FIlmmaker, and I wonder if you would be interested in explaining film ethnography. I have a weekly podcast and I would like to give the community something a little more intellectual to chew on! If you’re interested we could chat on the phone first to discuss it.
    Visit the site at: http://iamdofilmmaker.co.uk (we’re also on Facebook).
    You can email me at: sam@rufusrunsfast.com

    Best wishes


  2. Hi Katherine,
    I’m an old student of yours (graduated Aberdeen 2010) and I came across your blog recently. It’s really interesting stuff and I’ve enjoyed reading it. I’m working as an English teacher now and occasionally teach some film to my pupils so it’s good to connect back into the film studies mindset by reading blogs like this one.
    Kind regards,
    Caroline Steed

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